Before and After Templates

Download our generic templates to help plan your lessons and run student self-reflection.

Before and After Templates

Did you know that we’ve prepared some generic templates for you that you can download and use for any lesson – Mars Diary related or otherwise!

Our template pack for educators includes the following:

  • A lesson plan template where you can note down your objectives, curriculum links, keys points for running your activity and ways to differentiate it to cater to all your students.
  • A ‘self portrait’ based reflection template for students, so they can consider what they learnt, how they felt about it and what they might like to learn next.
  • A mind-map reflection template for students to help them identify what they’ve learnt.
  • A recap reflection template for students which asks them to write about what they’ve learnt and draw a picture of what they’ve found most interesting. A collection of these could form a lovely journal!
  • A ten-point recap reflection template for students which helps them think about what they’ve learnt and them practise their summarising skills.

Download our template pack from our Teacher Toolkit here – make sure you’re logged in to access this great resource.

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