Over 1,500 schools have already registered and are enjoying the Mars Diary Programme (that’s over 80,000 students!). By registering, schools and students become part of the Discovery Diary community, joining the 95,000 space explorers who have completed the Principia Space Diary (the prequel to the Mars Diary). Here are some highlights from our growing community. Join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more news, updates and inspiration.

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  • Tim Peake's challenge for young Space Explorers

  • ESA's ExoMars Mission

  • Learn about planetary orbits

    • Now that I'm back safely on Earth, I look forward to seeing what this new corps of Space Apprentices do with their new diaries.

      ESA Astronaut, Tim Peake
    • The Mars Diary effectively brings together a number of different curriculum areas to create an exciting cross curricular learning experience. It will encourage and inspire children to investigate the wonders of the universe.

      Paul Cameron, Primary Teacher
    • Each chapter has led to infinite possibilities in all curricular areas.

      Jennifer Love, Primary Teacher (Space Diary)

    Mars Diary in the classroom

    Thousands of schools are already embarking on adventures with the Mars Diary. Check out our interviews with participating teachers and kids, or be inspired by the latest activity being shared on our social media channels.