Accessing the Teaching Notes

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Accessing the Teaching Notes

By highlighting all the extra content designed to organise lessons, enrich activities and prepare extension activities or additional challenges for students.

First things first … Let’s talk Teaching Notes!

Did you know that there are differentiated Teaching Notes available for every single Mars Diary activity? The Teaching Notes provide a background to the activity, often explaining the history or science behind it. This is followed by a short example of how you could run the activity as a lesson. We keep this section open for interpretation to allow for flexibility with available resources and potential time restrictions. If applicable, this is also where you’ll find the all important solutions to the activity! We’ve also included ideas for questions you can ask the class, provided options for how you could run Extension Activities or offer students Additional Challenges and demonstrated how you could differentiate lessons for children in lower or upper KS2 (or equivalent).

You will also see a section titled Useful Links which is where you can find out how to access the Zapcode content without using the app itself. Since not all schools have tablets or smartphones, we’ve made sure all content is accessible to all children. There are also links to other articles or websites which you might find useful in supporting the activity.

Here’s how you access the Teaching Notes:

  1. Log in to your Mars Diary account here:
  2. Click Resources in the top menu bar
  3. Scroll down and click Explore Chapters
  4. Click on a Chapter of your choice
  5. Click Download Teaching Notes to get ALL the teaching notes for a whole chapter

Alternatively, if you just want Teaching Notes for a specific activity:

  1. Log in to your Mars Diary account here:
  2. Click Resources in the top menu bar
  3. Scroll down and click Browse the Activities
  4. Use the filter system or search function to find an activity of your choice. Click View [Activity Name]
  5. Click Download [Activity Name] Teaching Notes

On the Activity pages you’ll also find extra resources like Powerpoint presentations and Image Bundles which can be used to boost or further your lessons using the the Mars Diary activities.

If you need any help accessing resources or can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always contact Mars Diary HQ by emailing

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