Empowering future space explorers

Are you ready to go on a mission to Mars?

The Mars Diary is a free, flexible STEM-literacy programme for KS2 (or equivalent) students in the UK. Written by Lucy Hawking and developed with STEM and education experts, the Mars Diary guides students through a series of cross-curricular activities designed to embed STEM, as they personalise and create their very own diary while planning their mission to the Red Planet.

With the generous support of the UK Space Agency we will be making 15,000 free books available to schools in the UK with preference given to those in the most deprived areas. Register now to enter the draw to receive a free Class Pack of 30 Mars Diaries, stickers and a poster for the classroom.

Empower students with their very own Mars Diary

What do I get when I register?

When the Mars Diary programme launches in late March 2018, registered users will get:

• Free Online Access to the full Mars Diary programme

• 60+ hours of curriculum linked STEM-literacy activities

• Teaching notes, curriculum guides and ideas for differentiation

• Interviews with diverse and inspiring STEM experts

• Monthly newsletters for six months with bonus content

• Be in the draw to receive 30 free printed Mars Diaries

Do I get free books by registering?

All registered schools from the UK will go into the draw to receive one Class Pack containing 30 Mars Diaries, mission badge stickers, a mission poster and a welcome letter. Free books will be allocated to schools in deprived areas first, with any remaining books allocated on a ‘first come, first serve basis’ so be quick! Mars Diary HQ will contact you to let you know if you have been allocated free books.

Can I buy books?

Yes! You can pre-order books now here or wait to see if you receive a free box. There are three options for buying books:

  • Option 1: Class Packs of 30 books plus stickers and poster for 30 students
  • Option 2: Single copies (without stickers or poster)
  • Option 3: Home Education Packs with single copies plus stickers and poster for one student

When will my books be delivered?

Free books and those ordered during Early Bird registrations will be delivered to schools at the end of March 2018.

I have another question.

No problem! Contact Mars Diary HQ at info@curvedhousekids.com